Larry Rubingh

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Pastor Larry Rubingh is a warm, gentle, witty soul.  He spends a lot of time getting to know the people at church, and will wait at the door after benediction with kind words for each and every person.  His sermons, based on 4 letter words (seriously effective!), are inspiring and motivational for everyday living.

Educated at METHSCO in Ohio, he has served in many different communites over the last 40+ years, bringing, the light of the Lord to each of them.  He fervently prays for every joy and concern in the congregation, visits those medically incapacitated until they heal and can return, and spends more time than is required at the church, preparing it for God's people.

He has a a caring, compassionate, and uplifting personality; he genuinely looks forward to seeing you, always.


"Pastor Larry delivers engaging sermons with humorous anecdotes and relevant messages for daily living!"   ~ J.C.S


A recent newspaper article said:

"Services well attended; church welcomes new pastor"

"Allen - The Allen United Methodist Church, 167 W. Chicago Road in Allen, held its annual Friendship Sunday service Sept. 17, [2017] and it was well attended,  The congregation prayed for an attendance of over 70 so the new pastor could receive a coconut cream pie in the face.  No one was disappointed with an actual attendance of 79 people.

Pastor Larry Rubingh gracioulsy accepted the pie.

He has definitely set a spark in the church which is quickly turning into a roaring fire.

Church members said they cannot wait for Sunday to come just to see what pastor Larry has in store each week.

The congregation worked hard to get the chuch spruced up for the special Sunday.  Judy Evers served as organist helping Tom Marshall with the traditional but lively music.  Julie Albright performed the contemporary piece "Friends" and kids were treated to a young people's time.

The service was followed by a brunch of spinach quiche,fruits, desserts, and other assorted foods.  All in all, the congregation agreed it was a great Sunday spent with friends and family, worshiping God.

The church said they are thankful for pastor Larry and his wife Linda and all the blessings God has bestowed upon them.

The church welcomes the public to the next service at 9:30 a.m. Sunday, or any Sunday.


Music Director

Tom Marshall

Tom Marshall is a phenomenally talented and classically trained musician.  He has the ability to "feel out" the church atmosphere and adapt the interpretation of the songs chosen to be played within a moment's notice.  From "Away in a Manager" to "My Country, 'Tis of Thee", he has you covered.  Tom is a genuine gentlemen with a sense of humor that will warm you to the core.  He has been the church pianist and music director for a long time and served with many talented musicians.  He will be one of the first people to make an effort in welcoming you to Allen United Methodist Church.


"Our pianist, Tom Marshall puts so much energy into the music, you feel like you could reach out and touch heaven." ~L. Rubingh


"I heard him warming up one morning and recognized the song.  It was Chopin's 'Polonaise in A flat major!"  ~M. Sanzi


Administrative Council

Administrative Council Leadership Team 2018


1.  Chairperson - Bill M.

2.  Assistant Chairperson - Ilene M.

3.  Lay Leader - Bill M.

4.  Recording Secretary - Sandy M.

5.  Membership Secretary - Sandy B.

6.  Financial Committee Chairperson - Julie A.

7.  Finance Secretary - Carol K.


  I. Brendy S.

  II. Nancy S.

  III.  Julie A.

  IV.  Martha W.







Treasurer - Julie A.

Lay Member to Annual Conference  - Julie A.

Pastor Parish Relastions Committee - Carl A.

Trustee Chairperson - Carl A.

Chair person - Tom M.

Missions - Julie A.

Memorial Committee Chairperson - Sandy B.

Representative to HRCC - Ilene M.

Pastor - Larry R.

Christian Education

Chairperson - Marilyn R.

Camping Coordinator - Sue V.

Sunday School Teachers - Marilyn R. & Sue V.

Pastor - Larry R.

Finance Committee

Finance Committee 2018

Chairperson - Julie A.

Administrative Council Chairperson - Bill M.

Stewardship Chairperson - Laura B.

Trustee Representative - Carl A.

Lay Leader - Bill M.

Financial Secretary - Carol K.

Treasurer - Julie A.

Memorial Committee Chairperson - Sandy B

PPRC Chairperson - Carl A.

Pastor - Larry R.

Memorial Committee

Memorial Committee 2018

Chairperson - Sandy B.

Pastor - Larry R.

Worship and Music

Worship and Music 2018

Pastor - Larry R.

Chairperson - Tom M.

Musician - Tom M.

Lay Leader - Bill M.

Lay Speaker - Julie A.

Head Ushers - Carl A. - Marty B.

Choir Director - Tom M.

Communion Stewards - Joan F., Carol K., Julie A., Laura B.

Visuals Coordinator - Laura B.

Coordinator of Prayer Network - Norma W. - Laura B.

Crop Walk Coordinator - Ilene M.

UMW President - Julie A.


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