• Are you a Cruiseship.....
  • Or a Battleship......
  • A Battleship has dedicated team members that never cease working together....
  • A Cruiseship - is a floating structure full of strangers - all just trying to have a good time while they pass through.....


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This coming Sunday, February 17th, our service will center on Luke 6:17-23. This a passage about an healing event of Jesus. V. 19 says, “And all the crowd sought to touch Him, for power came forth from Him and healed them all.”

My four letter word is “C U R E”

C = Come

U = Understand

R = Receive

E = Embrace

Following the message an invitation will be given to come and receive anointing. Physical, emotional and Spiritual needs can be offered for prayer or you may just come and be silent. You may also come to ask for healing for someone you know who is hurting.

You nay have shattered dreams, wounded hearts or broken toys that are weighing you down. This service invites you to give them all to Jesus.

Worship starts at 9:30 with the wonderful music provided by Tom Marshall.


Pastor Larry

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Allen United Methodist Church
167 West Chicago Street
Allen, Michigan 49227
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Phone (517) 812-6636

Regular Schedule

Office Hours
  • Pastor Larry is in the office on Monday's & Wednesdays from 9 am to 1 pm.

  • Morning Worship
    – 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM


  • What do Methodist Believe?

    Beginning Sunday, March 10th Pastor Larry will share a message defining and relating the five vows people often take when joining a church.  They will consist of - Presence, Service, Prayer, Giving, and Witnessing.

    Many questions often arise when one is faced with this question - "Why should I become a member?" 

    Pastor Larry will lead us in a journey that has altered so many peoples lives - such as the infamous Saul who later become the greatest missionary who every walked the earth - Paul.  It was the Light of our Lord and Savior that lead him to not only courageously share God's redemptive love - but also boldly unify His people into the body of Christ - the church.

    On Easter Sunday anyone who has attended these services   will be welcomed to join the church - and warmly welcomed home.  We pray you will come join us regardless and we look forward to seeing you!

    If you would like more info contact Pastor Larry at:



  • Bible Doing

     "40 DAYS"

    What about 40 days? 

    This is the name of our new Bible Doing Times - an exciting new get together here at Allen United Methodist Church.

    The book of James says that, "Faith and Works, Works and Faith, fit together  - hand in glove." (The Message) WE are called to be about our Father's work and not just to study His WORD.  

    Just a couple of things about this ubiquitous  - "40 Days"

     1) 40 days in the Bible is a way the Hebrew people said, "A Long Time." Look back real quick, we are already 23 days into this year -- that really flew by!

    2)  A weekly study guide with Scriptures printed and some questions will be offered to each person, to hopefully kickstart those mental gears on how to be doers of the WORD and not just hearers. (another reference from James)

    3) After 40 days then what??  The Disciples were told to wait 40 days.....so what happened then....?

    They went out and changed the world!!  The Holy Spirit fell on them in a mighty way; and doers they became!!  Let's see what we can do in the same amount of time shall we?!

    At the conculsion of this study, a service of will be offered in reception of the Holy Spirit.

    4) 40 Days starts Wednesday Jan, 30th at noon.  Each gathering will last around 60 minutes.

    See you There!



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